BudCulture @ Rawkabilly Fashion Soft Launch

The soft launch is finally here from Rawkabilly TrashtoTreasure!

• Fashion Show
• Esam Salleh (Slow Jaxx) – Acoustic
• Gregory (Ramanados) – Acoustic
• The Great Metropolitan Expressway – Live Electronic set
• DJ’s on the deck
• Chocolate Testing
• Food discounts
• Clothing on SALE
• and many more!!!!

COME and be free on that very day coz this event will blast your perfect getaway towards the weekend mode!

Rawkabilly’s quote:

“One’s trash is another one’s treasure. True to that, we carefully and tirelessly scout around everywhere and personally hand-pick pieces that are guaranteed to make people ask, “Where did you get that??”. Wear them as bold pieces and make a kick-ass fashion statement. Not only are they one of a kind and wearable, they are also affordable AND unconsciously you’re doing your part in saving the earth..in style! Lust after our beautiful pieces and give them a loving home with you. Flaunt them and let everyone know that you got it from Rawkabilly!”

Rawkabilly’s soft launch is finally happening!

Make yourselves free and join us that evening coz it will definitely blast off your weekend!

Prepare to gaze at our stunning models showcasing Rawkabilly’s collections from previous fashion eras that are so in style again now!

Enjoy great music from MAC (Resistiv3), Harith H3 (We Keep It Banging), Reza (Budculture), Kubil (Cool Dude Society), Tubby (Budculture), Ethaya (ClefTunes), Justin (Layan SoundSystem) and a surprise guest act !!!!

FIRST 100 will receive a sticker and badge from Rawkabilly!

Also enjoy RM10 beer/bottle, Chocolate presentation, finger food, Discounted foods and beverages and many more from Pink Sage Diner!

A big Screen showing interesting visual effects that will leave you wanting more.

This event is supported by Pink Sage Diner / Resistiv3 / Budculture / We Keep It Banging / Layan Sound System and many more!

Admission is open to the public and is totally FREE!!!!!!