SUBFIX / Saturday 26th Feb 2011 / Laundry Bar / Kuala Lumpur

Yo! Thats right! Bud Culture is back!

As per usual it will be the Bud Culture crew startin off the night.

Starting off with Mac b2b MH. This ones gonna be a special one cause when these two get together theres no telling how Ambient or dark and deep they could go. Heard they might be droppin some local Dubplates. SO keep an ear or chest out for dis one.

Next up, Tubby. Well theres no telling which way this guy will go with his set cause he has the mood of a fuckin hippo.

So theres always a reason when Bud Culture “Presents” something…theres always a special guest. And this time our special guest is a good friend “local” but based deep in the UK sound it self has decided to come home for a special one off with Bud Culture.
Amon is no stranger to the local scene. This Badboy has been a bass fiend for as long as we have known him. Droppin only the finest dubs. This guy actually went to the UK cause he just needed to live in the Bass! He will be ending the night cause if we put him on earlier on in the night, we wont get a chance to play cause hes gonna tear the dance apart!

So beats will start rollin at 9.30pm and will end with the lights on at about 3am. So come nice and early cause the build up for the whole evening is gonna be mental!