BudCulture presents Dub Regime / 26March 2011 / Laundry Kuala Lumpur

Who said what?!

Oi oi! Whos ready for the next instalment from Bud Culture?? WE ARE THATS FOR SURE! hahahahah.

This time we have special guests from the kickass island of Bali. We give u, thh Godstep Crew. These boys have been at it and pioneering the Dubstep sound in Bali and have created more than just a hype but a propa scene. So since they been on tour we decided why not share what theyve created over in Bali and hammer it down over at a Bud Culture night.

So, plans for the night? Startin off will be the long on hiatus Reza. The badman MC/DJ is back. But we breakin him in easy this one though. Startin off deep and dark and well, he’s probably gonna get abit grimey too.

Breakdown slot will be takin up by the Godstep boys, Electrofux and KRSGTH K9! We dont know what to expect from these boys but we know its gonna be good!

Lastly we got Tubby ending the night. Hes got some new dubs that hes just been waiting to hammer out specially for the dance so its gonna be go go go till lights on!

Whos ready??!