Prepare yourself for this one!

My Gosh! Its Been 2 years?

First off we wanna thank everyone thats helped us along the way to get us this far. Without you there would be no Dubstep scene here in Malaysia.

So, what have we got planned for the dance? Lots and lots and lots of Steppin and Skankin, thats what!

As little as we may have planned, were basically focusing the night on just having a boat load of fun with you guys.

Whos playing?
Well, we have the usual Bud Culture crew reppin pon deckle thats for sure. MH, Reza and Tubby. And all they’re lookin to do is just have one big Jam session amongst themselves as well as show everyone what they’re all about. SO hows it gonna work? from 10pm-12am its gonna be a B2B2B session between the boys then after that its an Hour a piece. from 12am onwards.

Soundsystem Fund?

As usual we will be charging RM10 at the door for the sake of a fat Soundsystem. But there will be door gifts so dont fret.

Alright Skankers and Skankettes! Lets do this one more time before the Holy month comes along. You know the drill! 2 years of Bud Culture laying down the foundation. Were here to stay. So come on down and lets have a mad time together!