BudCulture @ BarSonic, Zouk Kuala Lumpur (10th Dec 2011)

BudCulture @ BarSonic, Zouk Kuala Lumpur (10th Dec 2011)

Yo yo! Like we said its a busy month so back on with the busyness! What have we got in store for you for this night? All Crew, All Dubstep, All Night!

So to start off the night we got MH with the Ambience and Mood based dubstep. Anything you havent ever heard from Dubstep, chances are hes playing it.

Next up we got SoundWize. The king of Deep and Dark. This guy plays so much deep and dark dubs that he makes Freddy Kruger look like a kindegarten teacher.

After that, we got Tubby. Thats right, the Boss. Hes comin in hard and strong on this one. And apparently hes addin some old school ’97 style stuff in here and there just for the hell of it.

Lastly we got Reza. The Master of Grime. This guy has always got a bunch of dubs on him exclusive from the main heads from the UK. Watch out for some fresh bombs from the man him self cause this is gonna be a killer one!

Ok so you know the format. Now how do you get in for free?

Just Click “ATTENDING” and you will be on the GUESTLIST.

Hope to see u guys there!!!