The Generals are back!

The Generals are back!

Bop Bop Bop! After a nice LOOOOOONG break, the boys that started it all are back!

Ok so no messin about, what have we got planned for the evening? Well, a buttload of Dubstep and a ton of FUN! Dont really need anything else do we? Ok ok ok , if by any chance a hot girl decides to jump the subs and pull off some serious dancin up on dem, then by all means. Haahhaahha.

What about the line up? You got the Generals. MH, Soundwize, Reza and Tubby. Be careful, its been awhile since these guys have hung out and played together so its lookin to be VERY HEAVY!

As usual theres an RM10 soundsystem charge. This allows us to cover cost for the system you all enjoy feeling. NO “CAN I CHECK IT OUT FIRST BEFORE I PAY” or “CAN I GO GET MY FRIEND WHOS UPSTAIRS?” kinda goings ons. We’ve had to deal with too many scabby punters in the past.

You know the deal, All Dubstep, All night! No BullShit!