Sub Freq UK Meets Malaysia’s Dubstep Pioneers – Bud Culture

Sub Freq UK Meets Malaysia’s Dubstep Pioneers – Bud Culture

Sub Freq Blog:

Dubstep over the years has reached many countries, starting in the streets of Croydon to dominating dancefloors worldwide, although in Malaysia it took a while to infiltrate the club scene, but from this came a crew who single-handedly pushed Dubstep to the forefront. Bud Culture founded by Tubby & Reza in 2009 were the first Dubstep crew in Kuala Lumpur, beginning with MH as the first crew member, then adding huge local talents such as Mac, Salim & Soundwize.

BudCulture has been on the frontline in the local Dubstep scene showcasing big names such as Walsh (Biscuit Factory Recs), The Bug, Goth Trad (Deep Medi), 12th Planet (SMOG), Skream & Benga. Bud Culture also took their nights to Singapore & Indonesia performing at the ‘Asia Future Music Festival 2012’.

We caught up with Reza to get the low down on Bud Culture including an exclusive 30min mix & interview with the Bud Culture founder.

Exclusive mix for by Reza – Bud Culture

Duration 30mins


INTERVIEW [ DJ Enme speaks to Reza (Bud Culture) ] 
1. Signals – Compa
2. Alone Warrior – Goth-Trad 
3. Spongebob – Coki 
4. Fatman VIP – Truth 
5. Goblin – Coki 
6. Airbreaker – Goth-Trad 
7. Crusader – Emalkay 
8. Gurkha – Cessman 
9. Flame – Benga 
10. Bobs Pillow – Coki 
11. Changuito – Mala 
12. Check-It (Featuring Warrior Queen) – Skream 
13. Crackpipe Bass – Caski 
14. Emergency (Coki Remix) – Vybz Kartel 
15. Fally Ranking (V.I.V.E.K. Remix) – Johnny Osbourne 
16. Greed – Reza

Reza’s Top 5 Dubstep tracks

1. Cessman – Gurkha 
2. Coki – Spongebob 
3. Cotti – Blackout 
4. Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub 
5. Goth Trad – Airbreaker